Hire Your Own Surf Photographer

Surf Photography Rates

$500 water photo session

A 90 minute photo session for up to four surfers is $500 plus travel expenses for sessions outside San Diego County. We’ll shoot your session from the water with Canon camera and lenses. Typically, 90 minutes of water shooting will get you anywhere from 200-300 images–many more if you are scoring lots of waves! Half day and full day rates are also available.
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$400 beach photo session

A 90 minute photo session shot from beach for up to four surfers is $400 plus travel expenses for sessions outside San Diego County. We’ll shoot your session with highest-quality Canon telephoto lenses from the beach. Typically, 90 minutes of shooting from the land will get you hundreds, if not thousands of images. Half day and full day rates are also available.
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Personal Surf Trip Photographer

Contact us with your trip details (where, when, how long) and we will get you a custom price quote. While you concentrate on scoring waves, we will focus on capturing your every ride plus the good times between sessions.

This could be you.
This could be you! Let’s get out in the water.

Hire Your Own Pro Surf Photographer

When pro surfers travel, they bring a photographer. You can, too.

After all, you’ve probably set up a friend on the beach to shoot, only to have them miss you pulling into a draining pit because they were checking Facebook. We’ll make sure that never happens again. Contact us for a quote on getting your next trip documented.

Capturing You From Water or Land

We shoot from the water or land–all in full color, high-resolution detail.

Water photography delivers the most dramatic images and unique angles.

Pro Equipment

We use professional Canon cameras and L-series lenses with Aquatech water housings.

San Diego Surf Guide and Photographer for Visitors

If you are visiting San Diego, we can make sure you’ve got professional-quality surf photos to show your friends and family back home. We can also be your San Diego surf guide.

With 70 miles of coastline, San Diego has hundreds of surf spots. While these options ensure you can pretty much always find a wave to yourself,  knowing where to go and when depends on encyclopedic knowledge of  tides, swell direction, swell period, winds, and constantly changing bottom conditions.

We’ve been surfing San Diego’s coast since the 1970s, so we know where to go and when. We’ve got this place wired!

Instead of wasting precious vacation time driving around hoping to stumble upon a wave, we’ll efficiently get you to the best spots to surf and shoot.

We book up early, so contact us now to book a surf photo session during your trip to fabulous San Diego. 

Document Your Dream Trip

Morocco, Mundaka, or the Mentawais,  we can  be there to photograph every tube ride and bottom turn and tube on your next surf trip.

Your entire group will be able to surf together knowing that a professional photographer is capturing every wave. You will be free to focus on waves, fun, and beer, while we do the work of photographing the journey.

For a quote on what it would cost to bring a pro photog on your next surf trip, give us a shout.

After the Surf Session

Hiring a surfing photographer does not end with your surf session. Prices include image editing for clarity, color accuracy, density, and contrast before uploading high resolution images to a password-protected server.

You will be able to download your images at your convenience. You will also have the option to order framed or unframed prints, or have prints made for you at a photo lab of your choice.

Custom Pricing

For commercial use, multi-day, or multi-session rates, please contact us for a custom quote.